Thursday, January 04, 2007

project 365 #4: miles haircut

M is furious that I took this picture and then that I'm blogging it. This barber did a great job though; you can find him over at the K Mart plaza off Tunnel Road, near where Tractor Supply used to be. WTF happened to Tractor Supply? I can't believe they're gone - I loved that place.


syntax said...

i think tractor supply moved to a different location off of 191, past the biltmore square mall.

fliss said...

Over by the dead mall, huh? That doesn't bode well. I finally found the locksmith yesterday - JW Hearn, who were on lower Coxe Ave since I guess 1896, got gentrified all the hell out to Emma, way down Louisiana in the side of a warehouse. I don't like the way all the day to day working class stuff, hardware & keys & so on, is getting moved farther and farther away from downtown.