Wednesday, January 17, 2007

project 365 #17: troll dolls

I was just thinking that I had absolutely nothing to take a picture of today for project 365 and in fact I took a stiflingly boring picture of my office and then came home and did some fstop & exposure experiments of my street which were so dull that they could make pavement weep but I thought, oh well, not every day is going to have a photo opp, geeze, why am I putting myself through this? Then I went inside & noticed I had a package and LO, there were my troll dolls that I ordered off Ebay! I am so happy! There has long been a serious dearth of troll dolls in my life! Now I have something to photograph, because a troll doll makes everything immediately more interesting. I am all psyched about my troll dolls and I'm thinking of all kinds of strange projects I can do with them (and, quite honestly, my 9 year old self is calling, saying that I could so build a really awesome troll village in the roots of the big oak tree out front) and they just are making me happy. Which is good because my knee still hurts like a proverbial motherfucker.

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