Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Morning of Doom

I fell down when I walked the dogs this morning; stumbled on some broken pavement while they yanked me hither and thither and down I went, twisting my right ankle, crunching my left elbow, hurting my right wrist and really seriously fucking up my left knee. I lay there in all the scree and crumbled paving and whimpered for a few moments while dogs all over the neighborhood went nuts (my own unruly pair were miraculously good for once in their mangy lives and stayed right there, trying to sit on me.) Then I got up and limped home, realizing as I went that I had really done it this time.

Came home, bandaged knee, daughter said, "Whoa, Mom. . ." when she looked at the knee, which had grown a fascinating new knee on top of itself, took shower, rebandaged knee, whimpered, got dressed, drove downtown (painful), went to post office (painful) and went to pay my water bill since it's about to be shut off. It used to be fairly simple to get into the City/County building and pay your water bill. There used to be lots of 15 minute parking around there. It never was a problem. But in their infinite wisdom and the new park they're building around the Courthouse, all those parking spaces have been eliminated as has the drive by box where you could leave your water bill payment and there was nowhere - no, nowhere - to park within a 7 block radius. But, you know, the tourists are going to love the new fucking park. I went and parked at my reserved space 7 blocks away and walked it. Painful. Waaaaaaaaaay painful.

Then I hiked slowly and lopsidedly on back to work, stopping for coffee where, naturally, they were out of French roast, which is the point at which I very nearly cried but the nice, nice lady at Sisters McMullen made a new pot for me. Now I'm at work; my knee hurts like crazy and it's making me a bit dizzy and in half an hour I have to go back down some stairs and already I'm not sure if I can do it. What a fucking morning. As far as I know there's nothing that can be done for knees anyway, is there? I could go get it xrayed for a million dollars, I guess, and then what? Be told to stay off it, probably. Argh. Sheesh. And a million other expletives. I hate accidents. I hate the way you can be just walking along, zoning out and suddenly your whole day and possibly week or month or year gets all fucked up just out of the blue, like a Monty Python foot coming down.


Lee H. said...

Oh, OWWWW that sounds painful!!

Nothing sucks like having to hobble around in pain. Worse yet, having to be AT WORK in pain.

I bet the dizziness you felt was adrenaline- unfortunately it's usually kind of queasy, nauseous adrenaline and not the "euphoric" adrenaline you get from riding a rollercoaster or something like that.

Hope it's feeling better by now...

Edgy Mama said...

Ohhhhh, damn! I'm sorry!

As a veteran of many knee injuries, and two knee surgeries, I will tell you that if the swelling doesn't go down in a couple of days, you really should have someone look at it. As you prolly know, if you go to the ER as opposed to your doctor, insurance typically pays.Ridiculous, but true!

Ice, baby, ice!

mygothlaundry said...

Yeah, if it's not a LOT better tomorrow I'm going to the ER. I'd go to the Sisters of Non Mercy, but I don't think they have an X ray machine and anyway, they told me my ribs weren't broken 6 years ago when they in fact most emphatically were.

So that queasy, dizzy thing was adrenaline? Ah hah, that makes a lot of sense!

Edward said...

Sorry to hear about this accident! True how in a tiny moment life can really change.

is the knee injury from the knee hitting the ground or it getting bent or twisted funny?