Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We Have Stove!!

It strikes me that this is a very 21st century story; this story of the Fixing of the Stove. What happened was that M & his friend A & I did it together, with tech support via cel phones from S in Colorado and C at work, which I think is in Black Mountain somewhere. S & his wife C saw my dilemma via this blog, and called to give me electrical advice. So I emailed the pictures above to them in CO and we went back & forth on the phone & email, figuring out how to do it and what had to be done. I called C in a panic several times and he told me calmly that it would be okay and I could do this, and how to do it, and why it wouldn't kill me, or the kids. I then got the boys, who are stronger than I am (wow, that's pathetic; I am weaker than teenage boys) to get the really seriously tightly encrusted nuts that were holding the wires off and then on again. We went to K-Mart for WD-40 for the last, stubborn nut. And then we duct taped the green, or ground, wire to the back of the stove and levered the back on again and plugged it in (a moment of healthy fear here) and LO! It works!

And so I have just made tuna casserole, and tea, and I'm having a beer, and the boys are watching a movie, and it's peaceful and the first snow of the season is turning the dark wet leaves into blotchy white soft things like marshmallows gone wrong, and all in all I am so happy.

So Felicity's Thanksgiving Dinner for Waifs, Orphans and Strays is on again and I reiterate my invitation to all you waifs, orphans and strays out there.


Sweet Tea said...

That is so sweet of you to take in the stray Thanksgivingers. We usually have a crowd of strays as well. This year is going to be small; everyone seems to have found a nitch elsewhere.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Frisbee Girl said...

Palabra, lady! Here's to the waifs and orphans!