Sunday, November 20, 2005

M and a Special Friend

miles and snow white
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Another pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving gathering up at M's school. It was beautiful, if a little cold, the food was great, the art auction was tremendous fun, poor A had an allergy attack that lasted all day and I didn't buy anything at the auction, which was kind of sad but then ah well. We is poor. We walked around and looked at the chickens and M obligingly caught one for and let us pet her, and, I shamelessly skipped the all parent meeting, yeah me. No school spirit, I know, but honestly I can only take so much.

Now M is home (Snow White stayed up at school) and I've already had to yell Stop torturing your sister right this minute young man! so I'm happy and they're happy too. And we went to see the new Harry Potter, which ROCKED and I even think it may be the best movie I've seen all year, although M says it wasn't all that, at which point I mock him gently for attending Hogwarts his own self.

Which, you know, he really does. That school has worked some magic on my child and I'm eternally grateful. On Friday night I went to the teacher conference and they had only positive, incredibly positive things to say. That's the first time ever. The only thing they complained about was the way M loses everything and my lecture to him afterwards would have been extremely effective in curbing this pernicious behavior had I not ruined it halfway through by realizing that I had lost my car keys.

Yeah M is home. He's giving me a minor noogie right now. Happy mom!

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