Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ladies Who Lunch

I took my Mom to the doctor today and then we went out for a long and leisurely lunch at Fig where, not at all coincidentally, my daughter A works. It was great. So I'm in a good mood today, partly because I woke up and took Theo for a walk and went down to the park and totally beat the rain, and partly because then things turned sunny and gorgeous, and partly because, well, this two hour lunch thing? With wine? Yeah, baby.

This is the way to live. You go out and sit down in a nice sunny place and people bring you mussels, and bread, and salad, and a couple of glasses of good red wine, and it's just all good. I should do this every day. We should all do this every day. It's a pity they eliminated the three martini lunch; I used to think that idea was decadent and wrong, but you know, I'm coming around. Life is too tough to take without alcohol at lunch.

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Carol said...

Yes, I must agree with you about the lunch and alcohol thing. A civilized way to live.