Thursday, November 10, 2005


Addiction is ugly. It is a terrible thing to witness in yourself, especially when the substance to which you are addicted is inherently ridiculous. Stop laughing at me! I got 50,360 points just now and that's the best I've ever done even though I have now played the Free Sharpie Mini Bust Out Game approximately 7,439 times in the last week. And still it is not enough to get me on the high score board! My heart, it breaks with sorrow! But soon, I shall receive my free Sharpie Mini in the mail and all will be redeemed. It better come, too, is all I can say. I'm getting carpal tunnel in my left arm now (I'm playing that game left handed, with a left handed mouse, even though I am right handed! Ha! I rock!) and soon I'll be reduced to typing with my nose, which will make it hard to play the Free Sharpie Mini Bust Out Game. Not that I'll stop, or anything. Oh no. I won't stop until I get up on the damn high score board. I think everyone else is cheating. Wish I could figure out how to do it myself.

In other news, my life is now officially so boring that I know that if I light a cigarette (not just any cigarette, an American Spirit Ultra Light (yellow & white, is what you say to the convenience store clerk) which are tightly packed and full of odd tobacco wads, at least one hopes it's tobacco, and thus take a longer time to smoke than all your mass market commercialized non earth friendly cigarettes (so there you marlboro smoking tree cutting polluting endangered species eating prisoner torturing republican goon, I smoke hipper cigarettes than thou, ha ha, I'm going to die of pc cancer!) anyway, if you light this cigarette while leaving Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community (Motto: Keep smoking or end up here!) you will need to put it out at the multiple road intersection where Biltmore Village and Biltmore Forest and Biltmore Estate all merge to form the TGIFridays. This is a stone fact.


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