Thursday, November 10, 2005

New Curtains!

I spent 2 hours today at Target with my mom in her wheelchair, buying the wrong curtains. Yes. Two hours obsessively looking at curtains and then I took them home and hung them up. Whoa. Cue Cream on my mental jukebox, except this was a white room with red curtains which I assure you is much, much more creepy. I also bought a red slipcover for my newish plaid couch, and that, with the red, or once mostly red, but now somewhat grayish in parts oriental rug, and the red curtains - well. The bloodstains wouldn't show much, which is a plus, but all work and no play makes Fliss a dull girl all work and no play makes Fliss a dull girl what? Where was I? Ah yes. I took the Curtains of the Rue Morgue down and returned them to Target. It took hours in the car, since of course I had to get A, and then go up to my Mom's to get the receipt, and on the way there drive around the newest horrible desecration development that the Biltmore Company are building practically on the Blue Ridge Parkway (scream, rant, sob.)

But at last we reached Tar-zhay and exchanged the curtains for some lovely kind of goldish silk type ones, and they look fabulous. It's kind of amazing, you know, I can buy new curtains, and hang them up, and put a slipcover on the couch, and tomorrow morning it will all still be there without even having been slightly shredded or eaten or destroyed altogether, and that's actually a pretty good feeling. So then A and I got all Scarlett O'Hara with the old curtains and draped them around ourselves, and dressed Theo in them, and were generally having fun dancing about in the old curtains when we realized that, due to hardware issues (to hang up new curtains, I apparently need every tool in the house plus the rods from the dining room plus I even had to go down to the spooky basement and get creepy old curtain rods from the ghosts) the lace curtains in the dining room are sitting on the dining room table instead of hanging in the big window, and thus our entire pas de deux had been in effect a show for the neighborhood. I hope they enjoyed it and the men in the white coats are kind when they come.

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