Saturday, November 26, 2005

I Have The Computah!

At last, at last! My children have finally succumbed to sleep and I have the computer to myself! Of course, it's like 1 a.m. and I really have nothing much to say, also I will be succumbing to sweet sweet sleep my own self any minute now, but it's the first time I've weaseled my way on in days. Or the first time without an almost 14 year old panting down my shoulder, squeezing my head or, bored, tormenting his sister until they both start yowling Moooooooooooom.

So, basically, pretty classic family Thanksgiving. I got into a fight with my daughter A, when she emerged from her room and I said, "Is that what you're wearing, dear?" in the precise inflections of my mother, and she responded by exploding into the same pavlovian fury that that question provoked in me 20 years earlier. After some heated words, A changed, went and got her grandmother, who we then helped over our 2 front steps (this is, or could be, the subject of a long and spectacularly unfunny post entitled Mom Won't Admit That She Shouldn't Live Alone Anymore) and then I served this utterly amazing dinner, and, of course, drank too much, but not so much too much that it was really bad. And we cleaned it all up, and J & I & A's friend S who is a sweet boy and cute too, sat by the fire and smoked cigarettes, and it was all good. And the food was completely fantastic, but damn I'm old and out of shape and I could never be on the line, because 7 hours of cooking for only 6 people (food for 10, though, just in case) about did me in.

Since then I've done some yardwork (planted all the bulbs, finally), taken M to see Zathura (okay, not as good as Jumanji although remarkably similar, the kids in the movie were obnoxious and looked like hobbits) cleaned the kitchen any number of times and read 3 books. Tonight I took M, along with several other friends and their young teenage sons, to see Zydepunk at Jack of the Wood. Fun. And I saw my old boss and talked to him, so that was good too. And tomorrow M goes on back up the mountain to school, which will of course make me sad.

And after that? I have to find a fucking job, any job, and so that is what I'll be doing next week. I put my resume up on Career Finder and so far I've gotten about 4 spam emails back in return, asking me to do things like carry packages to other countries or this very eepy job that involved money transfers - and you get paid much later! Yeah! Fortunately for me I had already heard about that one - and am cynical by nature. Cynicism: not always a bad thing.

Oh, and Elizabeth Willey. There is only one thing wrong in this world with Elizabeth Willey, and it's that she just hasn't written anywhere near enough books.


Goose said...

I live in Sylva to your west about 40 minutes. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up th good work.

Anonymous said...

I think you should write a book. You are very talented. Or even gather your posts into a self-published volume and advertise it on BlogAsheville.