Wednesday, April 22, 2009


You can tell I'm rapidly running out of inspiration when I come up with scintillating post titles like this one. Yeah, I am tired. I worked late last night and had to be in early this morning, which is never a good combination. Do you know, years ago I actually enjoyed throwing parties for a living? No shit. I was really that insane. Or I had stamina or something that I seem to have lost at this point: I don't get energized from events I plan and pull off anymore, I just get tired. Besides, when I got home last night around quarter to ten I made myself a hefty vodka tonic only to discover that tonic water does not last forever. No, if you leave it in the cabinet long enough it turns into something really vile and gluey, like high fructose corn syrup. Maybe that's where the evil stuff comes from. At any rate, I had to dump the last of my vodka along with whatever the hell the tonic had turned into down the sink. For once in my life it's apparent that I just don't drink enough. Tonic, that is.

There is a terrible scarcity of other news, although, speaking of scarcities, mysteriously there are less birds at the park this year than last year. Early in the morning that seems portentous and important to me but by 9 am it's significantly less interesting, so I haven't gotten around to mentioning it until now. Still, there it is: there are less birds at the park this year. Less geese. Less herons. Less turkeys. And, for all I know, less of every winged thing up to and including pterodactyls. However, they may not be at the park, but there are birds at my new birdfeeder, which makes me and Pebble both very happy. Chickadees! Tufted titmice! Sparrows! And the occasional nuthatch! Pebble flattens herself against the window glass and I try and fail to take pictures of birds, ending up only with pictures of screen. I am pleased with the success of my birdfeeder, which makes me feel munificent and kind, sort of like St. Francis only without the robes.

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