Monday, April 27, 2009

Mosaicing Is Full Contact

more mosaic work done
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Well, despite heroic levels of beer drinking, I still managed to get Perdita her shots and her nametag (she is official now), get to Lowes, buy some plants, plant some seeds AND spend most of Sunday achieving a highly attractive farmer's tan while getting about 3/4 of the second raised bed mosaiced. Here, you see the front. An equally unsatisfactory picture of the side is here. Jen and Susan came over and helped, too, and contributed materials as well. Zen & Helen kindly brought me stained glass and mirrors and if you who are reading this have broken crockery you would like to recycle into art, drop it by the front yard at 390 Riverview Drive. This project is going through a lot of shards.

It's starting to look pretty good, but I can hardly walk. Mosaics is kind of a full contact sport in that it requires a lot of squatting. Almost as much squatting as broken plates so hell, that is a lot of squatting. And then you have to be careful that you're not squatting in a pile of broken glass, which is tricky, and then you have to sort of swivel, again without cutting yourself and pick up some broken glass or a big old hunk of gooey cement Kwik Set. My butt is not used to it and is consequently howling. I only cut myself once, though. After the rubber gloves have absorbed enough cement, they become impervious to glass splinters. They're why my tan is so awesome too: nothing like a tan line halfway up your forearm where the glove ends to just scream Fashion.

Before the Day of Mosaic (which was made more entertaining by the fact that the bridge down the street was closed for repairs, so I was out there mosaicing in full view of about half the population of WNC, who were all driving angrily up and down my street) I took Perdita to the shot clinic at the pet superstore on Brevard Road. That may be my last shot clinic. Yes, it is cheap, much cheaper than going to the vet but on the other hand you don't usually have to wait TWO HOURS IN LINE WITH A BAZILLION ANGRY DOGS at the vet. Perdita was very good. I, who had left the house without coffee thinking that this was going to be an in and out quick thing, was not as tolerant but we fortunately all survived and Perdita is now an official member of the household.

Obviously, because she is growing plump. Django & Theo have long established complicated ritualistic dog politics built around the food bowls that means they can only eat a few bites here and there while they're trying to be polite. Or something. I have long since given up trying to figure it out and feel that if I put three equal bowls of dogfood on the floor every morning, I am doing my part. Funnily enough, this was also sort of my attitude about the kids and look, they survived their childhoods. Perdita, like me, has little patience for food weirdness and so she just goes ahead and eats all the dog food while they're still negotiating over access rights and infrastructure maintenance. Well, they can stand to lose some weight and she is still growing, so I feel it evens out.

In other news Susan had a nice party on Saturday night; we all went to the Admiral on Friday night and Annie is not a cheap date (I Went Broke Buying Mimosas for My Aged Auntie! says local woman tearfully) and it is five days to My Party, which is happening regardless of the coming swine flu pandemic.

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Anonymous said...

We're going to bring you some stuff for the mosaics this weekend. Mostly unbroken, since it's easier to transport, and also, I dunno how big you want the pieces to be.

Can't wait for the party! :)