Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Community Announcements

The day after tomorrow is not only a kickass science fiction movie, it is also the date (Thursday, April 23) of the next big DITLOA (Day in the Life of Asheville) flickr/photo meetup at the Asheville Brewing Company on Coxe Avenue at 6:00 pm. I will be there as a representative member of the cabal that is now ruling DITLOA, because hey, I am. If only the cabal all had special funny hats, you would know who we are, except then we wouldn't be a secretive cabal, now would we? And what fun would that be? Anyway, at the meetup you can ask me questions and I can direct you to people who might know the answers. Or you can just drink beer and wander around with your camera, which is more like it. So, if you have been involved or would like to be involved with this project - check out old images and learn more here - you should attend the meetup. The project is totally fun; I have done it for several years now and can vouch for its excellent funness and the meetup, gods willing and the beer be cold, should be most fun as well.

In two weeks or ten days or something like that - May 2, to be specific - I am hosting a party. A hopefully big party at my house, with beer and food and a fire and all that good party stuff. If you have not gotten an invitation yet, it is almost certainly not because I hate you and don't want you at my party, it is because going through my gmail and plunking people into the BCC field for invitations while attempting not to add the email addresses of spam filters or T-shirt vendors or whatever else can get a little hairy and I thus space stuff out. This goes double for the hellish portal that is Facebook. If you would like to attend the party - and it is a Fancy Dress Party, which is a Fancy European Way of saying Costume Party but also including, like, just dress up clothes as in evening gowns and stuff - shoot me an email and I will send you a highly adorable .jpg party invitation featuring (quelle surprise!) pictures of my dogs. Dogs are not invited to the party though because I'm just mean that way. But people are! You should attend and bring all your friends!

That's about all I have in terms of community service, except to plug again the fact that Gordon Smith is running for City Council and you should vote for him next fall because he lives in my neighborhood and will bring us sidewalks. One hopes. With a little luck, you can ask him at my party.

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