Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools Whatever

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To be fully in the spirit of the internets, I should do an April Fools post. The very thought makes me tired. I mean, yeah, what am I going to say?
I'M HAPPY! I'M GETTING MARRIED! I'M PREGNANT! I'M GAY! I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND! I'M GOING TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS FOREVER NOW JUST TO BOTHER YOU! Nobody is going to believe even one of those, now are they? Except maybe the last one. My father used to send me emails in all caps when he first discovered the internet back in the dim dark days of the 20th century. Usually the emails would go first to some very patient soul in California, too, who would send them on to me with the electronic equivalent of a lengthy sigh. Such naivete is now lost forever. Still, April Fools. Some of it is amusing - this, for example, gave me a chuckle but I've never yet, personally, come up with a good April Fools joke and somehow I doubt I ever will. The tack on chair thing was pretty hilarious in 4th grade but it doesn't translate well, alas.

Let's see, what else is new? I went to the Westville on Monday night with my brother and Celeste and, thank the gods, Celeste is not quitting working with Annie after all, just rescheduling to accommodate a new job. As a result of this Monday night excursion, last night I ate too much and went to bed early, finishing Use of Weapons while I was at it. Iain M. Banks might spell his name funny but dude, the man can write. I'm always blown away when I read any of his books. I like the Culture novels so much that I refuse to actually seek them out for the most part and only read them when I come across them sort of by happenstance. This is magic thinking: otherwise I would have read all of them by now and that would make me miserable. This way, I'm not entirely sure if I've read them all (I think I have now, but then I thought that before Use of Weapons too) and whenever I find another one I get all excited and joyous. Anyway, if you haven't read him, you should. Right now.

In other news, there is no other news. If I think of anything, I'll add an addendum. Maybe. Oh and I'm pregnant.

HA HA! Got you!

WAIT! There's more! I won something! No, really! I entered a contest, here and won a $100 gift certificate from Dali Decals, this cool place. Now, given that pretty much every surface of every wall in my house has art in it, what I'm going to do with these, I do not yet know. But. They're still pretty awesome and I am psyched. Yay, me! I won. I never win anything, so I am extra psyched. Perhaps I should go buy a lottery ticket just to bring me back down to my usual state of I never win anything blues. Too much excitement is bad for us pregnant types.

HA HA HA! GOT YOU AGAIN! But I did actually win the contest.

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MyWeaverville said...

Just checking if you got the GC? Emailed a few days ago, but I'm evidently have more than a few emails flying around in cyberspace somewhere so I wanted to make sure you got yours.