Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Snow but No Day

It snowed, as it is occasionally wont to do in April in Asheville. That's fine. The only problem was that the city and Buncombe county did not cancel school and so I did not get a snow day and as a result I have been cranky and resentful all day. The general rule is that as soon as one snowflake sticks to the ground for longer than three minutes, school is canceled and just because it's April and the school boards have already had their "this is when we'll make up the snow days" meeting, is no reason to fuck with tradition. I was at severe risk this morning brushing all that snow off my car - my hands got cold and I got snow in my boots, not to mention the mental anguish I endured having to leave my nice warm house and leave my poor dogs outside. I think I should sue. Sue, I say!

There is dirt in my raised beds. Unfortunately the dirt is under snow and it's going to freeze again tonight, but that means I can start planting soon, since I'm fairly sure that this will be our last frost. Why am I sure? Wishful thinking. But it could be true! Anyway, the dirt looks like nothing now but by July there will be way too many zucchini yet again and, since I'm not trying to grow in our local clay, I think I might actually have decent root vegetables this year. Beets! Carrots that are more than 3" long! Yay!

In other news I'm rereading Roger Zelazny and liking it; I'm contemplating going to see the Dead with Warren Hayes this weekend and there is no other news, but there is a banana on my kitchen counter with a rhinestone encrusted B stuck firmly to its peel.

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