Friday, April 24, 2009


I am tinkering around a little bit with the template, as you can see from the brilliant photograph of stones under water on the sides there. My HTML skillz, never mad in the best of times, have atrophied sadly and I keep tweaking things only to have the whole blog turn black. Slimming, but ultimately not perhaps what I'm going for. Anyhow, there's a vague possibility of a whole site redesign lurking around in my brain. Don't hold your breath, though.

In other news, I almost lost my new cell phone last night. I left it at the Asheville Brewing Company, where I was doing my part as a photo cabal member of DITLOA. Not enough people came out, by the way. We need more photographers! Even if that does mathematically lessen my odds of getting my photos picked by the judges. Remember, Day in the Life of Asheville 2009 is happening on May 22 - 23 this year and you need to participate. Now back to my phone. I left it stupidly on a table but fortunately my friends noticed it and gave it to Susan, who brought it to my house. Unfortunately, while she was in the process of doing that, I was in the process of noticing that it was gone, which meant that I had to take off the pajamas I had just put on and rush down to the Brew Co and look for my phone. I plunged into a fit of despair and told myself all kind of things about how I didn't deserve nice things like smart phones but then, oh joy, I got home to find Susan waiting with my phone. I am a careless idiot; thank the gods I have good friends.

This weekend is supposed to be hot and sunny at last and I have every intention of working like a maniac - I would say working like a dog but my personal observations have led me to believe that dogs do not, actually, work all that hard; come to think of it, maniacs are not noted for their work ethic either, but we'll go with it - on the mosaics and the garden so they should be quite beautiful by the party. Or, well, at least look a bit more like the picture in my head.


shadmarsh said...

immigrant. they work hard. It's not very catchy tho.

Anonymous said...

The new design is nice so far, especially for utilitarian reasons. Now can read you the blog before the images download...yes, it only took about 5 seconds for the background to download and the script to become visible, but this is the age of microwave ovens--one could melt cheese just as fast.