Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Secret Dog Command

Audrey came over on Sunday night to get some photos off her camera and while we were huddled in the computer room and I was showing her the (very) basic photo editing that comes with Canons (actually, I quite like Zoom Browser, but it's not, you know, sophisticated) we discovered that the dogs have actually at some point in their lives been trained. Trained - without me even knowing it!

They were, of course, trying to get on the computer too or climb into our laps or generally do the kind of doggie things - bounce, chase the cat, chew on each other - that make you realize why three largish dogs in a very small room is a bad idea. At one point in the animal mayhem, Django jumped halfway up onto my lap and looked at me as if to say, "Dude, my turn for a twitter update." So I looked down at him and said "Helloooooo!"

And all three dogs took off like a shot to the front door, ecstatic, looking for the mystery guests.

Yes, it turns out that if I call out Hello! the dogs will always, no matter where we are, dash to the front door. I mean, wherever we are within reason, I guess. I haven't tried this at the park yet.

In other dog news, I took them to the park this morning (I have been really bad about this lately, so it's kind of notable) and I did not, you will be relieved to hear, take any pictures. The picture above is from last week; the park hasn't changed, although the grass is longer. But it was very wet and very green and the sky was very gray, in case you were wondering. I am myself beginning to feel a bit waterlogged but apparently we still are in a drought. Drag. I suppose that means I need to be happy about it every time it rains through 2/3 of my 3 day weekend. I'm working on it.

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