Wednesday, August 29, 2007

project 365 #240: fog dogs

project 365 #240: fog dogs
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My home internet is back on - for now. Charter is supposed to be faxing me a statement today that states the following: 1) I don't owe them any money at all, 2) I get the introductory rate for another three months, 3) they're not going to turn my internet off again and 4) they're sorry and they suck. Well, I'm not counting on the last part. But I better get that goddamn fax and it better be on letterhead.

In other news, M has already missed one day of school, sigh. He's got some sort of cold/stomach thing that isn't much fun (why do people always say that? It's not much fun. Aw, too bad - I remember this one stomach virus I had, wowee man, that was big fun!) so he stayed home on Monday. This does not bode well for the year, although he says that the principal says that if he feels crazy, he can go put himself into ISS (in school suspension) at any time. M loves ISS - it seems to function as that quaint old fashioned thing, study hall. It's quiet and you can actually concentrate. Of course, there is no study hall anymore and hasn't been for years. Bah - another thing for the When I Am The Evil Overlord list. M was also told he had to have a book to read, so he went out and bought one. I was excited. M hasn't voluntarily gone after a book to read since he outgrew the Magic Treehouse series. Unfortunately, this is my son, who has inherited my warped sense of humor: he got the US Army Sniper Manual. I have a feeling this is not going to go over well as light reading during 10th grade English. Oh lord, back to the school shrink's office we go.

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pa_lady said...

My kids' school started allowing students to request an ISS placement in 2002. My oldest son spent part of 10th and most of 11th grade there, and for the same reasons - it's nice and quiet, there's no teacher droning on and on, repeating stuff you've already heard 10 times, and you can work at your own pace.

More and more kids started taking advantage of "self-correction" - and taking up room needed for the "bad" kids - that the school ended up creating an "independent study" program in an unused classroom in 2003. My son did so well, he could have graduated in Feb 2005 but for the phys ed requirement.

Now the program's expanded to four classrooms and is looking for more space, and the district's dropout rate declined almost 50%.