Sunday, August 12, 2007

project 365 #222: jodi on her birthday

So I didn't blog on Friday because I was getting ready for my friend J's surprise birthday party, which I organized (with mucho help from J's boyfriend D and our friend S) and which happened Friday night at Broadways and was, let me tell you, one of the great blowout gigandor fun party bashes of our time. Like, monumental. Like, it's Sunday now and I've finally mostly recovered.

On Thursday night I made two cakes - a chocolate raspberry pound bundt cake and a cappuccino chocolate chip cheese cake. This meant that I had the oven on in my unairconditioned house for two and a half hours, which in turn meant that my house went from its recent normal average of about 88 degrees to about 116 degrees and stayed there. It's been so fucking hot lately that it just sort of never cools off inside. But anyhow. Pictures of the cakes are on my computer at work. I dared not upload them lest J by some fluke look at my blog or flickr stream and deduce our plans. She called me on Thursday and said wistfully that, well, tomorrow was her birthday and would I like to have a beer or something? "Oh, sorry hon," I said nonchalantly, as if I wasn't aware that this was one of those birthdays, "I have to work late."

So I carried my cakes to work that morning (in a Doc Martens box; that cheesecake was keepin' it real, yo) and then to Broadways that evening where I met S who had a huge bag full of funky wild decorations and we decorated the back patio up and then D brought the unsuspecting J out there and we all yelled surprise and she was completely and utterly surprised and a whole bunch more people showed up and, yowza, it started around 6ish on Friday night and we were walking around looking for somewhere to go dancing at 1:30 Saturday morning. So yeah, it was an excellent party. Huge thanks to Broadways for being the coollest bar ever and letting us do this on two days notice. Huge thanks to my co-conspirators. And huge thanks to J for being the most awesome chick on the planet; we love you hon.

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