Sunday, August 12, 2007

Charter Communication SUCKS

Hey, y'all, guess what? My internet got turned off again! For the same spurious reason it got turned off the last three times in the last week! So I just got off the fucking phone with Charter again! I'm so fucking lucky! I get to call Charter Communications EVERY SINGLE FUCKING WEEKEND AND STAY ON THE PHONE WITH THEM FOR A FUCKING HOUR WHILE THEY FIGURE OUT EXACTLY THE SAME THING THEY DID LAST TIME WHICH IS THAT THEY ROYALLY FUCKED UP MY ACCOUNT IN MAY WHEN I MOVED! WOW, I'M JUST LOVING THIS! THEY JUST ALSO FUCKING HUNG UP ON ME! I AM SO ANGRY I'M SHAKING!

There must be a viable alternative out there. I'm so over this I could hurl. Fuck it. I'm going to write an angry letter - a real letter, on paper - and mail it to them and cancel my fucking service. Not only are they incompetent, they're assholes. They suck. This is a total pain in the ass.


Edward said...

After reading this I went to visit a friend in N. Asheville. She lives in one of a bunch of apts down a driveway. There might be 15 or more units served by this driveway. So the Charter cable guy is on a ladder up the pole by this driveway, and his truck is completely blocking the driveway. I was puzzled. There was plenty of room next to the driveway where he could have parked and still protected his ladder. I parked on the street and got out. he said he would be done in a minute. I asked if he needed to block the driveway to be up there, and he said, "yes I do, for now." OK... And I thought, good thing Felicity wasn't trying to enter that driveway. That would be one dead stupid guy.

mygothlaundry said...

Nah, it's the corporate executives who train their underpaid, overworked immigrant slaves to be horrible, rude and incompetent that I want to kill with extreme prejudice. Anyway, the cable guy who came to my house (okay, apparently he fucked up my cable installation, but whatever) was totally adorable and gorgeous and sexy and if my mom hadn't been here at the time I'dve . . .silently drooled like I did with her here. I'm nothing if not consistent.

Jer said...

When I moved two years ago, Progress Energy offered to transfer all of my utilities via Allconnect, and they royally screwed up everything they put their hands on. I didn't have cable or Internet for three weeks...although after enough bitching I did get a sweet deal on the mondo-big cable package.

Jennifer Saylor said...

In my experience, a report to the good ol' Better Business Bureau also helps.