Thursday, August 23, 2007

project 365 #234: wednesday

We actually did it: we got up in time and M got on the bus and I got to work on time - okay, I didn't take a shower and I forgot my lunch and my moisturizer, but still. I got my old alarm clock working; it turns out that only the B alarm works - the A alarm, which presumably was intended for type A personalities, has given up the ghost, crumbled under the stress, had a heart attack and decided to go live in an ashram in Goa. But the B alarm works just fine and woke me up to "rock" radio which was playing something that to my sleep hazed mind sounded like a more modern and faux indie squeaky clean sort of 90s Archies clone band. In other words, Matchbox 20.

I have decided to do something new on this blog: horoscopes! No, I'm not going to cast yours; you'll have to get your own blog for that. I am going to prove, once and for all, that the daily horoscopes as provided on my iGoogle page are totally accurate and right every single time. For example, yesterday's horoscope said "You will receive an offer you cannot refuse." And it was SO right. When I got home from work, young M met me at the door and said, "Turn around, Mom, we have to go to K-Mart and get gym shorts." I couldn't refuse! I had to go! See, oh you doubting sceptics? It is magic.

Today's horoscope - shortened, because otherwise you won't read it and who could blame you - says this: This month can bring you profound realizations about your relationships, especially those with a playful or romantic orientation. You are less concerned now about success or failure. And already I feel a distinct lack of concern about success or failure. Which I know is a shock, given my driven Type Z persona. Yeah.

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