Thursday, August 16, 2007

Project 365 #227: Half a Cucumber Yeah

The daily photo is a pain again. It's fine and fun on the weekends mostly but during the week I just don't seem to be interested in photography. I'm much more interested in making dinner, cleaning it up and getting the hell to bed at a reasonable hour for a goddamn change do you hear me young man? So I end up taking pictures of my whimsically labeled produce.

I'm busy at work trying to teach myself, with limited success so far, Indesign. It's cool and I like learning new things but I feel a bit swamped. Ah well. What the hell. The world is just moving right along, day by day, and young M seemed to have a fairly good first day of school although he reported that cafeteria prices have skyrocketed over the summer. This does not surprise me given that I have noticed our grocery bill skyrocketing as well. I think it was a bad year to give up vegetable gardening.

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