Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Out of Town Visitors

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My friend D and her friend B have been here all weekend visiting from Baltimore, and in fact, soon they won't be visitors, because D has bought a house in Bat Cave and is changing her life, selling her fabulously weird artsified house near Fells Point and moving on down to the mountains. I'm delighted, because she is one of my best friends, and also she might get a llama when she moves to Bat Cave and then I can go over there and hang out with her llama, which will make me very happy, as for long years I have myself desired a llama and even cherished the thought of a small business called Felicity's Rent A Llama.

So since they are visiting, and A's friend B has also come down from Baltimore to visit, we did the obligatory out of town friends thing and all went up to the Grove Park Inn yesterday for $6 beers and that incredible, amazing sunset. It was fabulous as always. The main terrace is currently limited to restaurant patrons, and since the only way I could ever eat there is if five of us split an appetizer, we had to go over to the Sammons wing terrace. That was actually just fine and a new view to look at. I do love the Grove Park. More people should come to visit me so I can go there more often.

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