Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dream Images

I've been dreaming a lot lately. This mornng I woke up from a dream of A with a bag of potato chips.
"What flavor are they?" I asked
"They're new," she said, "Pomegranate Watermelon Russian Dressing."
"Yuck," I said, "They sound horrible."
"They are." she said.

Then, just now, as I lay napping, I had a long involved dream in which M and I and some other people were rebels fighting off evil witches. The witches were spying on us at one point, from a convertible and a pink mountain bike, but one of our good witches shot an arrow at them. The one on the bike turned into a bird, a really cool bird that morphed as I watched it fly away, first pink chrome tubing, with the handlbars making wings with the pedals attached on their ends, and the body of the bike the body of the bird, and then getting more and more birdlike as it disappeared. At the end of the dream I was standing watch and I heard a strange rustling sound. It was a huge, huge flock of blackbirds, more than I have ever seen, coming quickly over the horizon. I was frightened but I went in to get my camera anyway: when I came back out they were gone and I woke up.


syntax said...

you deleted the drunk "sixteen tons" karaoke audioblog!

mygothlaundry said...

Oh god. I was praying nobody had heard it. I thought it hadn't posted and then, fuck, I saw it. Let's all pretend it never happened, shall we?