Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Reminder, Conversation and Embarrassment

This is the reminder: tomorrow is Drinking Liberally ~ be there. Or be square. Be there with flair, or you will lose your hair, get caught in a snare, and be eaten by a bear. You will get an angry glare, find yourself on a ridiculous dare, be told your friends won't share, and go on a tear. Failing those things, you might inspire more incredibly bad Vogon poetry from me, so obviously the safest course of action is just to show up. Don't worry if you don't know anything about politics. I don't know anything about politics either and they still tolerate me.

I had a lovely evening last night because I gave up this ridiculous giving up things bit. I went to Broadways with my friends J & G and drank several PBRs, smoked a pack of cigarettes (hopefully J & G actually smoked all my cigs and not me, but I am afraid that is unlikely) and had several great conversations about, oh, sexual identity and aging and lumber and dreams and magic and art, even. And G found my camera & brought it back to me; look at my drunken New Years Eve pic! I was missing my camera terribly and I'm so glad it came back home.

In other news, I walked around downtown yesterday with my fly down and in fact stood in line for some time at the Coxe Avenue post office with my fly down. That was embarrassing and I wasn't even wearing entertaining underwear, just the normal boring striped ones. Then I had to do up my fly, which caused me a few moments of angst - is it better to just keep walking, blithely unaware, or to stop, hope the passing cars aren't looking, transfer your large package from one hand to another and manage to zip yourself up? No matter what you do, or I do, at least, it makes me feel like I'm suddenly back in 7th grade with an extremely large zit in the middle of my forehead and horrendously greasy hair from an ill fated dandruff cure that involved copious amounts of vaseline. In reality I know that noone looks at anyone else once they survive middle school, but such moments are still kind of the equivalent of being under a large spotlight in your head.

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