Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Computer Woes

I made the hideous mistake of downloading Google Pack. I'm not going to link to it because I am saving you from ending up in the same boat as me; namely, it borked Firefox completely. I spent like two hours last night and then again this morning trying to restore it; ultimately I had to do system restore back to two days ago AND remove every mozilla folder that's ever been on my computer AND find hidden google files and remove them AND completely reinstall firefox. That even sounds easier than it was, because I'm leaving out all the useless, pointless, in between steps AND the swearing AND the stomping around AND the smoking of the cigarettes of anger - you know, the works.

Last night was an exercise in frustration anyway. My brother and I did one of those drive-back-and-forth-between-the-autobody-shop-and-my-mom's things; of course the car wasn't done because, you know, it never is. So we went to Broadways, where I ran into my friend D and we shot some execrable pool, and I told my brother to go ahead and take my car back to my mom's; D would give me a ride home. Which he kindly did; that part was okay. The part that wasn't okay was that my laundry and the book that I'm reading and the DVDs that are already very late going back to Orbitz, were in the car as well. It's a good thing I have another set of sheets, because all my sheets and pillowcases are in that laundry, which would be why last night I slept on 2 leopard print king size pillowcases and one Noah's Ark one.

I got home and decided to finish redoing my filing cabinet. I spray painted it black yesterday (spray painting is a drag. Getting it all even and stuff is an even bigger drag. Making up your mind that the sort of swirly uneven paint on the side of the filing cabinet actually looks kind of like a Chinese landscape painting and thus is artistic, cool and okay is priceless.) and I was ready to decoupage all the zen quotes I've been collecting for a couple years off my zen quote a day calendars onto it. I did so. It looked good. I realized that they were all on there backwards. Yes, backwards, facing the back of the filing cabinet, the unpainted back that goes to the wall. In the middle of all this I also discovered the true extent of my computer problems, namely, that I can't even run Bookworm with IE! The horror!

So I tore the whole thing apart and started again, which entailed losing a bunch of quotes and very, very carefully removing others with my thumbnails, a painstaking and persnickety process that is not what you want to do when your computer is borked and you're utterly frustrated already and at some point in the middle of this I lost my Exacto knife and that's when I really became overcome with misery. I ended up cutting the clear contact paper off the filing cabinet with a carving knife, which actually worked better than I thought it would) and I smoked many, many cigarettes of fury.

But now it is Wednesday morning and the cabinet is done: it looks a bit, uh, eccentric, but what the hell, and firefox is back, and I have two peculiar job interviews tomorrow, so things are looking up. At last.

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