Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another Old Photo

Because it just wouldn't be fair to do a post about Baltimore in the 80s and leave out poor A. These black and white pictures were taken by my friend Michael McDonald, by the way, just so he gets credit, and this one is in my old, beautiful, apartment in Bolton Hill, that we would later be kicked out of because the Allmighty Senators moved in for a week or so during a particularly cold snap when the pipes at the Hour House froze, and our 85 year old super would then accuse us all of being, and I quote, "Garbage People" because of the vast quantities of trash that were coming out of my apartment. Which led to one of my two plaques on the bar at the Mt. Royal (you can buy a small brass engraved plaque saying whatever you wish and have it set in the bar, thus memorializing you forever) to wit: Garbage People: Live in one dump, drink in another. And, making this nicely circular, my other plaque says The Non Aquatic Cousins of Jacques Cousteau something something weekend, which commemorates a particularly insane weekend which involved me, the aforementioned Michael McDonald, Hy Chase from Charleston and frightening amounts of Natty Boh.

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