Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Coyote Update!

Dig, I wasn't imagining the rabid coyote thing. Here's the original report from the paper and, there's an update. Do you think I'm evil for finding it hilarious that the paper mentioned that the original victim was bitten on the nose? I'm curious too, as to how anyone would let a coyote get near their nose. Leg, okay, sure, maybe hand, but nose? Do you think it kind of flung itself through the air and attached to the guy's face? Because that would be just wrong. And damn, I wish they'd caught it on video.

Apparently - and this is good to know - NC officials are dropping rabies vaccine all through the woods for raccoons. That's awesome. That is the kind of government program I can seriously get behind. Now if they would just start dropping birth control pills for the deer, we'd be in good shape. Failing that, they could drop birth control & rabies vaccine around the malls, disguised as M&Ms; as the mother of a teenager, who has seen his peers, I endorse this idea. A friend of a friend has a theory that the reason Wal-Marts are designed with that kind of airlock entrance that goes whoosh as you enter is that the air in them is drugged, giving you something that puts you in a daze and makes you more likely to buy things you don't need - what Nanci Griffith famously calls "unnecessary plastic objects." More drugging of the populace is no doubt expected momentarily, ah, the wonders and joys of 21st century science.

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Sweet Tea said...

It's all fun and games until somebody gets bit!