Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tired of Taking Pictures

grove arcade bike
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Well, I'm done with DITLOA. I've been done since like 5:00, actually - 36 hours is too much for me and I confess: it's Saturday night at 9:15 and while I'm not actually in my pajamas yet, that moment is getting closer by the second. Hey, I just played a lengthy and rousing game of Bookworm. That's enough excitement for this party girl! Whoo hoo!

I took way too many pictures and yet not enough. It was nice to wander around downtown last night in the first warm night weather since last fall. The streets were full and while, okay, a lot of them were tourists or annoying in other ways, still, it was fun to take pictures of the drum circle and the Grove Arcade and sit outside drinking beer at the Flying Frog and not be freezing. And it was fun to keep running into all the other DITLOA photographers - there were hundreds of people with cameras out. Just wandering from the arcade to the frog to broadways I ran into at least 10 people I knew, which reminds me of why I like Asheville and want to stay here.

Then today I went to work, which was actually kind of fun and then I went to the botanical gardens with S and her visiting cousins from Minneapolis who are very nice and say that just because you've seen Fargo it doesn't mean you know anything about Minnesota. Naturally we ran into Z there and he proceeded to give us a guided tour, which was totally fascinating. Then we all went on to the brew n' view for a beer (it is required by law to take all out of state visitors to the brew n' view) and that's where we were when the heavens split asunder etc., etc and those gripping realizations of nature's fury, human puniness and fuck, I left my car window wide open and it's back in West Asheville came thick and heavy upon us. So I came on home and my pajamas are waiting for me. Even though there's three hours or so left in DITLOA, I have bailed. I can take no more pictures.

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