Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Face

Big Face
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It was a rough weekend and, well, that might be all I have to say about that, since it's going to be kind of hard for me to be funny about that shit for a while. You know how when you think your life is going along nicely and everything is, if not spiffy nifty fantastic groovy fabulous at least it's okay and pretty happy and there's a lot of good shit on the horizon and then something comes along and smashes your legs out from under you and all your suppositions and beliefs seem to have been wrong and yet you don't know because it's like you're stumbling along in the dark without any guides or a flashlight or even, christ, a teddy bear and then, just when you think you might know something, even if it's bad, you don't and then you suddenly find yourself just lying there on the hard rocky floor of a particularly dark and unpleasant yet eerily familiar cave and you think, wow, I'm an idiot? Yeah. Like that. My life is a text based choose your own adventure and I'm about to be eaten by a grue. Or, actually, I think the grue is already chewing.

However, in the silver linings department, I spent my thus far unreceived economic stimulus check on ebay yesterday and by the end of the week I should have an actual DSLR in my hands; a kindly used Canon Rebel 10 megapixel camera is even now winging its way from San Francisco to me. After the last DITLOA meetup I decided that, fuck it, I was tired of succumbing to camera envy and I was tired of being the poor little girl who never gets the nice stuff and I was tired of laughing and saying, well, I have the best camera I can afford and it takes good pictures and hey, it's the photographer not the camera and someday maybe I'll have a good camera. Someday is now, motherfucker, I said to myself this weekend, and dug into my savings in anticipation of Dubya's largesse. Now I'm really, really doubly glad I did.

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Edgy Mama said...

Can I come kick the grue in the face for you?

Sorry about the shit, but I'm thrilled you're getting a DSLR! You will rock it!