Tuesday, April 08, 2008

city hall run through the edoizer

Check out old city hall, which I actually took with a time machine because I'm insanely boring and can't think of anything better to do with a time machine than take pictures of city hall! I'll just go shoot myself now. Wait! I lie! (Like unto a rug do I lieth, actually, but you know, what the hell.) Anyway, the picture is the result of this, a very nifty, simple and cool little web thingie (yeah, okay, it's in Japanese. Do not freak out. With even the slightest application of a brain cell or two you also will be able to figure it out. Really. I did and I don't even know two words of Japanese, so there.) that will take your pictures and immediately make them, you know, old. Sort of like what happened to me somehow when I wasn't looking. Also, while we're on the subject of aging, all hail S, whose birthday it is! Yay, S! Happy birthday! Hope the several ecards I sent you have not ended our friendship forever! We're all getting frighteningly old, indeed, but oh well, who cares, we certainly don't act it.

Young M has some kind of mysterious stomach thingie, which is always so much fun for everyone concerned. I am concerned, of course, because my stomach too is a little off. Not to the point of actually worshiping the porcelain god, thank god, or, well, another god, hopefully whichever one supervises the porcelain one (the god of municipal sewer systems?) but to the point where I don't much want to eat and when I do it's kind of touch and go for a while there. Also, I'm dizzy and a little out of it - more, I mean, than usual. Poor young M was lying on the couch and watching Tom & Jerry this morning, occasionally moaning faintly. I haven't quite gotten to the cartoon network stage and hopefully I won't. However, I am supposed to go out and celebrate S' birthday tonight with upscale Latino cuisine and I'm a little worried about that. Ceviche and margaritas vs. saltines and coca cola, hmmm.

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