Sunday, April 06, 2008

in my city

in my city
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I made a lot of art today - well, I finished this, which had been gathering dust taped to a drawing board behind the TV. I started it months ago, drawing from a dream. In the dream I led a giraffe creature out of the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, which, in the dream, was on a cobblestone street by a river and an arching bridge. Leading the giraffe, who didn't want to leave the museum, was difficult, but on the bridge was a goat, and when the goat and the giraffe saw each other, they both calmed down and were happy. So I drew it and stashed it away and then finished it today. And I did a small landscape with heron and stormy sky thing. All I wanted to do today was paint sky, so. I painted some sky. While I was at this I thought up my new motto: Felicitas Designs - Making Art Out of Pain Since Sometime in the Late Sixties

Sometimes you just have to be six or seven and draw all day so that time disappears and you become only crayons and paint and paper.

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