Tuesday, April 01, 2008

april fools joke

april fools joke
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This morning as I ran out the door, late as always, I found a little box on my doorstep. It had a Barbie sticker on it, my name and the injunction not to open it until April 1. When I opened it, this was inside. Yay! Happy April Fools! I was so excited! I've never gotten a visit from the April Fools Fairy before! So all morning I wondered who could have done this lovely thing. I thought maybe it was my friend E, who lives down the street and has a little girl (thus giving her access to Barbie stuff) but on the other hand, she has kids - she doesn't have time for this kind of thing. Then I thought perhaps it was my friend K, who has a wacky sense of humor. I had settled on K when another friend (I will not reveal who) stopped by my job to say hello and revealed that it was actually he and his SO. Thank you both so much! I love it! Pat is my new friend and I adore her weird little salamander thingie. She's going in a terrarium tonight, y'all, there to stay evermore.

Since my life is very boring and I like it that way at the moment at least, I'm back to watching movies in the evenings. Last night I watched True Grit for the simple reason that there wasn't anything else on. I have several thoughts about True Grit which can perhaps be best expressed in list form.
1. This won an Oscar? Has the world changed dramatically or was 1969 just a really, really sucky year for movies?
2. John Wayne reminds me of my father.
3. The music is by Elmer Bernstein. Not Leonard, Elmer. And it shows.
4. Huh, Dennis Hopper sure was a cute young thing.
5. Fuck this shit; cleaning the kitchen just got way more enticing.

And then I watched Anthony Bourdain visit my hometown, Charleston SC. WTF, Anthony? There are tons of cool things to do and great places to eat and you decided to spend half the show doing Confederate reenacting? That's not even Charleston specific - I think there are way more reenactors from the Maryland/Virginia/West Virginia area than South Carolina. And you went out to a Gullah restaurant and couldn't even find anyone who spoke the language? And you didn't go downtown? And you didn't go out and get drunk, which is like the primero numero uno thing to do in Charleston? And who were those creeps who threw that lame ass oyster roast? Where were all the people and where was all the beer? I've been to better, more authentic oyster roasts up here in the mountains than that one. Dude, please. I love you but that was possibly the lamest episode in the history of your show. Go back and do it right.

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