Monday, April 14, 2008

susans party 2

susans party 2
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Another weekend has come and gone. Why are they so exhausting? It turns out that it's not going to work that makes me tired - it's my social life. Or something.

M came in on Friday night: we ate steak and potatoes and had a couple of beers, watched about half an hour of I Am Legend and went to sleep. On Saturday morning we went over and helped A move for a while, then drove down along the river from Woodfin to the dog park, where we went to the Flickr/DILOA meetup. The 2008 Spring edition of Day in the Life of Asheville is going to be next Friday and Saturday, by the way. I'm going to sort of be participating - I have an insane work week ahead of me, so, depending on how energetic I feel, I may take a ton of pictures on Friday and Saturday or just a few. Last year I took over a hundred; this year, hmmm.

Then M mowed almost all of my giant yard (YAY!) and I made fancy eggy hors d'oeuvres (miniature quiche lorraines & spanakopita) for S' birthday party, which started earlier than I thought it did, but we got there by 5:30 and then of course I was blotto by 10:30 when we left. Drinking beer for 5 straight hours = yeah, not such a good idea, really. I swear I have no tolerance anymore. I mean, 8 or 10 beers and I'm out of it. Tsk tsk. Well, there's no beer in my immediate future anyway, which is good for my waistline, my liver and my getting to work early and staying late all week, which is what I'm looking at. Yowza.

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