Thursday, April 03, 2008

I Need

I need several things. I've been shopping like a madwoman lately but still, I don't have enough stuff. More stuff, I say! More stuff! I need this CD and I need a new clear dome umbrella and I either need a new beautiful small jet bead necklace or I need to find mine that I already have again. And according to my mother, I need a lemon zester, but actually I think I could probably live without one although I could use some more dishtowels and niftier party platters and bowls, since mine were cute in an ironic way long long ago but now somehow they're just shabby. However, I don't need a new raincoat. Thanks to my mom, I got one. It's an awesome raincoat and I love it. "Don't you still wear this?" I asked my mother
"All the time," she said, looking as if she was rapidly kind of regretting offering it to me. "It's a wonderful coat."
"Sure is!" I said, putting it on and dashing out the door before she could have second thoughts. I am evil, taking advantage of the maternal instincts of my aged parent like that. But I need that coat - it's reversible! One side is brown and kind of rectangular stuck out quilty and sort of subtly shiny and the other side is black! - and besides, she should have forked over the pony when I was 8. If I'd had a pony when I was 8 I probably wouldn't be so quick to go stealing raincoats from the elderly. Probably.

The other thing I need is a mini tape recorder or actually, now that I think about it, a friendly robot to follow me around and record my thoughts and particularly the more hilarious parts of my conversations with S. She came over last night and I swear there were at least 5 times when I thought, this is totally hysterical and brilliant, I must blog this. Now, of course, I have absolutely no idea what I thought was so funny. I know we talked for a long time and there was much laughter. But about what? For all I know, we were saying the same things we always say. That's one of the joys of getting older - you get to have the same conversation over and over and you don't even notice. Maybe I'll remember someday and I'll have that friendly robot nearby and these gems of incredible mirth and wisdom will get blogged.

Or maybe not.

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