Sunday, April 20, 2008

busa the peregrine and steve longenecker at the colburn earth science

Okay it is Sunday - hey, 4/20, rah - and I actually went to my office today to put up some of the DILOA stuff. I was there when I discovered that they were having a post DILOA beer drinking and moaning "I took like 300 pictures and all but 3 of them suck" session. Thank the gods that I wasn't the only person saying that. And everybody's pictures are scary amazing and it was very fun. Anyway, after that, I went over to K & J's and that was also fun and now, glory b, I am at home. Big exciting life. Almost all my DITLOA pictures are up, though, and I'll get the next batch up tomorrow by noon.

However. The deal with DITLOA is that I need to pick sixteen pictures from my DITLOA time. Of those, I get to pick one that is my favorite - that, in a fine show of democracy or general niceness or something like that, gets into the show no matter what. The other fifteen go into a jurying pool and then those that are juried in go on display at the Pack library downtown.

So, anyway, this is where you come in. I need help picking those 16. Here is the flickr set of all of them - WAIT! ONLY AFTER NOON MONDAY APRIL WHATEVER THE FUCKETH IT IS , BUT, YOU KNOW, MONDAY, CAN YOU SEE ALL OF THEM -- let me know which ones you like. You can put it on flickr or put it here or email me but say something. Just wait until they're all up - which should be noonish tomorrow.

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