Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday Again

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Long distance relationships are very difficult. Mine seems to be back in working order at the moment but it was touch and go there for a while. Whew. This is hard. In the many years since I even tried to be in an actual relationship (and even in the the slightly fewer years since I tried and failed to be in a relationship with a) someone who was already in several other ones and b) several someones who didn't want to be in one with me specifically and c) a poisonous snake) I had forgotten about the part where they take real work. Damn. I got all emo-ed out all weekend and it was no fun at all. Tell me stories of long distance relationships that end with the words happily ever after, y'all, please. I need them. I got a book from Amazon but it wants us to sit down and discuss our "communication styles" in hideous stilted faux psychological trendoid terms. I hate self help books. Still, it does say that the Long Distance Relationship, which is to say, like mine, is the hardest kind of all and if you can make it through that you can make it through anything, similar to the sentiments expressed by Frank Sinatra towards New York. Except without any similarly bracing buck up and make it anywhere melodies.

Angst seems to be good for my creativity, though, which is kind of nice. I had all these plans to clean the whole house and mow the yard and so on and none of these things got done; they rarely do, of course, but this weekend I had the vaguely bonafide excuse of being all emotionally wrung out and freaking out and sorrowing. I did, however, make some art and go to Target, where I bought a nifty gold and white boom box that is perfectly round in a very retro future way so that it looks like a boom box Captain Kirk might have carried to a picnic on Zebulon IV if he was planning to seduce one of the lovely green skinned princesses there. It's even more Zebulon-y now since last night I glued some jewels on it; I was briefly at loose ends with the glue gun and, you know, what the hell. Unfortunately, I should maybe not have done that, because now I can't return it for being finicky, which it unfortunately is. I got it because it was supposed to play MP3s and CD-Rs and all that fancy techy shit, but on several of my CDs it hops around like a metaphor that is slightly less cruel but equally as jittery as a frog on a hot griddle. Damn. I need an industrial strength CD player that isn't fazed by dog toothmarks and aeons of dirt, not some wimpy thing that demands perfect CDs.


Gourmet Grrl said...

Here's my advice for a successful long distance relationship: You must have a designated date when you will, for once and for all, live in the same place at the same time. Once you have that date, even if it's three years from now, it's fairly smooth sailing. And one more thing: irony fails over email. Sarcasm, too.

Edgy Mama said...

I must be tired, because I read "broom box." Then while I was trying to imagine why you would glue jewels to a broom, I got to the part about CDs.