Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Hats!

In which I launch yet another doomed cottage industry, soon to be entitled "HATS FOR SALE GODDAMNIT ALSO GOURDS AND WEBSITE DESIGN" and coming soon to a pathetic roadside stand near you. Meanwhile, here are the two new hats I finished. Hat Three, which is yet another in the pinky purply orangy yarn, is here modeled by my daughter A, caught unfortunately at the moment of transformation into an elf. Hat Three is a great hat, but it needs to belong to someone with a small head. A very small head. Perhaps even a pointy small head, due to certain fascinating creative leaps taken by the designer.

Hat Four is an attempt to fix the known bug in Hat Three - the size issue - but overcompensated slightly and thus Hat Four, the first hat in this attractive greeny blacky purply yarn, is quite large. It is, in fact, a genuine bargain hat, because it is big enough for two people. Or, and this is great for the Asheville market, there's totally room for your dreads up in there. Also, possibly, a small dog. Actually it is a really cute hat that looks fantastic and as long as it isn't windy, you'll be fine.

My daughter A, a.k.a. HATS FOR SALE GODDAMNIT's top hat model, and I had fun taking these pictures last night. We took another one that could be called Hats N' Hooters, but decided that publication thereof would be, you know, just wrong. It's probably up on her Myspace page; ah, the younger generation. I told her I was going to have to sacrifice her to the Elder Gods since she was now younger (well, I guess she's always been younger, huh? Crazy.) and prettier than me, and I felt my eternal youth and beauty slipping away, aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeegggggghhhhhh!!!!!!! and she took it fairly well. "Uh huh." she said indulgently, patting my arm. "Whatever you say, Mother."

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Sweet Tea said...

I have that same shirt! I bought it this morning!