Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Brother's New Bike

fliss bills bike 2
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My brother has gone out & bought a new/old 1976 BMW and I covet it. I'm afraid of motorcycles but you know what? Fuck that. It's spring, and I'm tired of being mature and responsible (oh shut up. I was so trying) and I want to get on this baby and ride, ride into a sex n' drugs n' rock n' roll lifestyle; I want to drink too much and sleep with strange and dangerous men. I want to ride off into the sunset. I want to sit in smoky bars at 2 in the morning looking deep into someone's eyes and then I want to get up the next morning and ride on down the highway. I want to wear my motorcycle boots for something other than fashion, and while I'm at it, I wouldn't mind kicking some yuppie ass. Dangerous, baby. That's me. Ha!!!!!


Edgy Mama said...

You go, girl. Sounds like fun. There is something exciting about having a large throbbing piece of machinery between your legs, isn't there?

syntax said...

i, for one, appreciate the irony of kicking yuppie ass on something with a BMW logo on it. :)

mygothlaundry said...

Ah, but it's a vintage large, throbbing piece of German engineering, and that makes all the difference in the yuppie ass kicking. It's important to kick yuppie ass with something that has some Biltmore Forest cred, I find. That way they can't dismiss it as just another random act of violence.