Friday, September 04, 2009

world in a puddle

world in a puddle
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It is the official celebration of Labor, this weekend, which you would think would have been done away with by now, since America doesn't much like labor, they like owners. No, America has successfully brainwashed their working class to the extent where they happily vote to harm themselves in a kind of psychotic daydream self hatred fugue that I cannot understand, but I tell you, I am holding out less and less hope lately for the future of this country. Stuff like this is making me want to give up. The right wing objects to having the President of the fucking country address schoolchildren. Nice. It's not that the President being in the schools is always good: I grant you that I while I survived the Gerald Ford / Jimmy Carter edition of the President's Physical Fitness Challenge thingie in elementary school, I didn't enjoy it much. It was grueling and horrible and I hated it and the president for making me do terrible things like hang from a bar for three seconds, but it never occurred to me, Mr. Quigley my scary gym teacher or anyone else that President Ford didn't have a complete right to demand that I climb a rope. Why anyone thinks that President Obama shouldn't be telling schoolchildren to study harder and set goals is totally beyond me. These people, and by these people I would like to include the anti healthcare reform evil bastard lunatics from hell (I have a sneaking suspicion that they're the same people) are horrible, insane, traitorous and the reason I swear I'm starting to see civil war in our future.

WELL THAT WAS DEPRESSING. In other downer news, I am going to clean my entire house this weekend and I'm actually looking forward to it because I am clearly clinically insane. It's gotten so awful that it's well beyond just basic maintenance and into full hazmat intervention and that's kind of fun, because when it's done it looks so amazing that you feel as if you have actually accomplished something. Assuming, that is, that nothing better comes up and I do get it done. LAAFF is this weekend after all and since I am pretty sure I have been to every single LAAFF ever (I might have skipped one year; I can't remember) than it's a pretty safe bet I will be at this one. Wearing my boots, because LAAFF marks a special day for me: the day I put my boots back on for fall. Big excitement all around, I know.

Hmmm, it would seem that I have nothing else to say except that I finally, finally got around to reading Anthony Bourdain's breakthrough book Kitchen Confidential and it was fantastic. You have probably already read it, seeing as how it has been out for nine years. Yeah, yeah. If you haven't read it then I urge you to immediately drop what you are doing right now and go off and read it. It's hilarious and entertaining and great. Also, he's so damn cute.

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Captured my mood perfectly--thanks! Great writing.