Tuesday, September 08, 2009

evening and shadow

evening and shadow
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I stayed off the internet this weekend and found it utterly painless. I think I'm actually somewhat less addicted than I used to be, although this could be completely untrue. Still, it feels weirdly good to go a couple days without even thinking about checking my email. Yes, this means it's now damn near impossible to get ahold of me! Ha ha! I love staying right there in my booklined cave reading enticing novels that make little to no sense which I then overanalyze as I walk to work or around the park, to wit, if an advanced civilization sent a spaceship out to colonize another planet and then dumped the colonists all on said planet and told them to forget technology, would they? My answer is no, they would not, because then they would have to stop texting, which is not going to happen, because texting is staggeringly useful. They would also be highly resentful at the lack of running water and unless they'd been completely brainwashed or were not real in the first place, they would sit around the new planet bitching nonstop about how much better it was on the old planet. I could go on, but I will not; however, this is the stuff that's going around in my head when I'm wandering down the street staring into space and not noticing my friends waving at me. And I wonder that I cannot get a date! Go figure!

I did get out this weekend though. I went to the Admiral on Friday night and on Saturday I had actually quite a lot of fun wandering around downtown with my aunt. Asheville is in that lovely space where most of the tourists have left and most of the kids are in school and it's really pleasant downtown. We went to the farmer's market and to the Tibetan store, where Annie bought a necklace and showed me the TIbetan healing bowls, which I had never heard of before, and then we had coffee and bought art supplies. And then I cleaned up the house and Miles and I ate large amounts of junk food all weekend so it was pleasant and relaxing and fattening (odd how those things go hand in hand, isn't it? Sigh.) and all in all mellow.

On Sunday I went on over to LAAFF - the pictures, which are not so spectacular (except for the ones of Jodi & Susan dancing) are here. LAAFF has grown and it took a while before I was comfortable with the new, giant Lex Fest - it took, actually, a couple of beers and a seat on the Broadways roof deck. I'm not hugely into crowds and it was crowded as hell and the beer lines were lengthy. I started getting all kind of senior citizen cranky and muttering about how much better everything used to be and how when the festival first started it was just so much cooler and, also, I was thinner, younger and cuter. Then I cheered up and had a lovely time and then we had a small but highly intoxicated post LAAFF party on my porch and that was fun too. It is still the best festival even if it was better back then. Like everything. You kids get off my LAAFF! Except for the tall guy with the mohawk and the kilt and the combat boots. He can stay. Really.

In other news, I'm going to be hanging the art at the Mountain State Fair tonight and I'm really looking forward to it. Even though it is a royal pain while it's going on, I enjoy looking at it later with a sense of accomplishment and also, I get a parking pass and a pass to the fair out of it, so, all good. Also, with a little luck and maybe better light than I had at LAAFF (although I like these broody blurry night shots like the one up on the right there, I mean, dig that blue sky) I can probably take some nifty photos tonight of scary carnies setting up the midway rides and maybe, just maybe, people will be unloading giant pumpkins. I like giant pumpkins and tiny horses and pig races and Italian sausage and hurrah, it is fair time again.

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