Friday, September 25, 2009

And Here It is The Weekend Again, with Bonus Rain

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So Asheville flooded again last weekend as you know if you're from around here, except this time, unlike our last go round with 100 year floods, which happened 5 years ago, only the parks really flooded. This was a terrific innovation by the French Broad River and I heartily applaud it because, among other new and different things, I got to keep running water and power. Also, it transformed my ex-favorite park, Hominy Creek, back into my favorite park for the duration. It was just like it used to be: blessedly deserted. Ha! You fools don't know when it's really great out there!

I put on my rubber wading boots (the ones I got in New Orleans with the tattoo designs on them, that are so awesome they make my feet attempt to leave the rest of me for insufficient coolness; so awesome that I would wear them every day of my life if I could get past the part where they're made of rubber and hot as hell) and took the dogs there on Wednesday and Thursday mornings and it was brilliant. It was, in fact, basically like a water park for dogs and while the backseat of my car may never recover from three mud and water soaked large furry creatures bouncing around in it, the rest of us had a blast. Unlike the floods of 2004, the water was not smelly and disgusting and I didn't think it was going to kill me when it sloshed into my boots, which it did, because there were places the water was more than knee deep over the path and it was necessary that I jump in them. Actually, I have now decided that floods, at least the small and tame variety, are, like my boots and perhaps because I have my boots, awesome. Pictures are here. There are a lot of them: I am a sucker for a good reflecting wet dog.

Tonight I am going to see the Decemberists! Yes! I am extremely psyched! I think I will keep it up with the exclamation points to punctuate the true excitedness of me! I really hope the entire thing is not their new album because I didn't like it as much as their earlier stuff! But even new Decemberists is better than most anything else! So, you know, yay! Also, I am going to an actual rock concert. Dude. I always impress the hell out of myself when I do this because it is fairly infrequent and feels like such a big major fun thing to do, as well as slightly forbidden. When I was a teenager I didn't go to many (pretty much any, actually) concerts because my father went through a phase of believing that everyone who went to rock concerts was a) a drug befuddled hippie and b) probably going to get trampled to death. He was right about a, of course, which is why I wanted to go in the first place and hopefully he was basically wrong about b. So far I've done okay on that worrisome trampling bit despite having attended quite a few Rock Concerts. (it's almost Rocktober! Rock On! Rock Off! Whoooo! Where's my lighter?) Let us hope that trend holds! It would be so embarrassing to be trampled at somewhere like Thomas Wolfe Auditorium!

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