Saturday, September 12, 2009

and one gone

and one gone
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Well, here it is the weekend again and not only do I not have a damn thing to report, I also have not done a damn thing all day, thanks to a vicious and persistent and utterly unfair hangover. I drank less last night than I usually do on a Friday (yeah, yeah, I know, shut up, it's a lifestyle choice, but really, like 4 beers) and yet today was a wipeout. All I managed to do was drag myself to Ingles where I bought a lot of greasy ingredients that I then cooked into a hugely greasy brunch - sausage egg and cheese biscuits, hash browns and jalapeno poppers: perhaps it is not surprising that I haven't felt well all day - and then I lay around and read an entire mystery novel set in ancient Rome. That was pretty good, actually, and I'm going to seek out more of her books. I never thought I would enjoy ancient Rome all that much but it sounds like fun to me now. Remind me to program it into the time machine as a possible destination after all.

I have been trying to teach my dogs to stay. They come when they're called - well, Django does, anyway, and the others do too, except they wait until they're finished with whatever it was they were doing first - and they can sit, but so far stay has been eluding us. Stay is complicated because basically you are training them not to do something. There's a logic leap here that I can't quite figure out how to convey so none of us really get it and we all start milling around the kitchen aimlessly. Story of my life and career.

In other news, there is no other news. I am planning a wildly exciting Saturday night where I try yet again to get interested in Mad Men (so far, no go; it is possible that I'm really only capable of getting into shows with vampires and so far Mad Men has had a depressing dearth of the supernatural) and then sleep the sleep of the wicked, unjustly hungover and tired.


rapidshare movies said...

hi felicity! :D i hope you're going to have good weekend!

Edgy Mama said...

I couldn't get into Mad Men either. How can 1950s advertising agents compete with sexy vampires and shapeshifters? They can't.

Salty Miss Jill said...

That brunch sounds fabulous. Poppers AND hash browns? Oh my god. I'd wash it down with a shot of bourbon and a coffee chaser.
I'm with you on the Mad Men. Mad Meh, more like it.