Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sprung Forward

I hate springing forward. Everyone waxes all enthusiastic about light at the end of the day but those few weirdos of us who like to get exercise and dog walking and all that stuff over before we're fully awake and have thought of good excuses to get out of it are now screwed for a month or two. If I get up on time tomorrow it will feel like 6 am (which is never good) and it will be pitch dark. So that kind of sucks and so does this, Asheville: freezing rain by Thursday night. Don't get comfy in those T-shirts & flip flops just yet.

A & I went to see Coraline, which was really good. Also, quite creepy and, in case you care, I don't think I'd take a young child to it. Fourth grade and up because there is some stuff in that movie that is going to haunt me - granted, I scare easier than your average 21st century 9 year old, but still. It was preceded by about four previews for other movies in 3-D, which struck me as kind of weird. I mean, why are they suddenly making a gazillion - well, okay, four - movies in 3-D? And why are none of them a remake of Creature from the Black Lagoon? The 3-D glasses have definitely improved though. They were excellently cool in a very Blues Brothers way even though I had to put them on over my real glasses (good thing, you know, that it's dark in the movies.) The minute I pitched them into the recycling box on the way out of the theater I began to regret it. I mean, I paid for them and they were not cheap. That was the most expensive movie experience I've ever had, actually - $9 a ticket plus a $2.50 surcharge for the glasses. And I didn't keep the glasses. I mourn. I fret. Something 3-D might happen late at night and I won't be able to see it. I guess I'm stuck in Flatland forever.

So I'm off to Atlanta tomorrow to see the Pogues. Woot! Shane McGowan and I are both still alive! Go figure! Tuesday if I'm not all hungover and tired perhaps there will be pictures and good stuff like that. It looks like I will have another cat when I get home, too. Oh joy. Oh glee. Oh two opinionated semi Siamese loudly sharing their discontents with the universe all night long. I have lost my mind.



Screw that recycling box I paid $2.50 for those glasses and I kept them.

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Hold on, they CHARGED you for the glasses?? What a ripoff! They definitely didn't do that at the megaplex theater we saw Coraline in. That's a trend that needs to be nipped in the bud, right there.