Wednesday, March 11, 2009


ray is disgruntled
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This is Ray. He wanted - nay, demanded - to be talked about on this blog so here it is: this is my friend Ray. He was also at the Pogues concert in Atlanta on Monday night. More about that, momentarily but actually I am just now going to highjack Ray's blog post and discuss a blog change that I've been wanting to make for some time now: Real Names.

I'm tired after almost five years of using just the first initials. All my friends names start with J anyway and it makes the blog confusing so that when I go back in time to read the archives I can't figure out who was actually at that party and so on. What, you thought I just was writing this thing for fun? Actually, my memory died years ago when that last vital brain synapse got fried, so I need to write things down now.

However I started with the initial thing to sort of protect people's privacy a little, even though we now know that privacy, in the 21st century or in my bedroom with the transparent blinds, is a myth. So therefore my friends is it going to bug you if I use your first names in the blog from now on? I promise I won't post your full name with birthdate and social security number unless you really piss me off. Or, if you don't want me to use your first name, give me an alias. I will happily use aliases (aliiii?) - the more ridiculous, the better.

Let me know what you think but, as a sort of first step, let me just say, this is Ray.

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Anonymous said...

My bloggy is for the same thing, remembering what I've done. If someone reads it, well, good for them. What I do is first name, last initial. That way I remember if it was Jeff A or Jeff F that I was riding bikes with....
~eric w.