Friday, March 13, 2009

the flamingos are not looking at you

Okay, I have this puppy. Yes. Yes, I know. I didn't set out to get a puppy; I just made the hideous mistake of answering the door the other morning at around 8:30. My next door neighbor was standing there with a young brown dog on a leash. She told me she'd just found the dog and what should she do? Call Animal Control, I said hard heartedly, but I was wearing my bathrobe, which put me at a psychological disadvantage and my neighbor is persistent, has cats and no fenced yard. This is how Perdita, who I think is a little pit bull, a little retriever, and a lot of god only knows what - a brown chicka brown dog - came into my life. She's been in my house for almost 48 hours and she's running the place already. She can even tire Django out, which is a beautiful thing to see. She is also smart and sweet and housetrained and I cannot believe that her owners haven't come looking for her yet. My neighbor put flyers up and put her on Craigslist; I put her up on BlogAsheville and the West Asheville Ning group and Twitter and yet, nobody has come forward. Anyway, if you or someone you know is missing a very sweet little brown dog who I think is probably around 6 months old, email me, describe her and take her home before I do something monumentally stupid like say "I'll keep her."

In other news, while I was in Atlanta at the Pogues show I did perhaps the single most uncoordinated thing I've ever done and because it was so idiotic, I have to share the joy with you. First off, you must know that it was hot and crowded at the Tabernacle. Really hot, like sweat dripping down your face, take off your shirt and just stand around in your camisole hot and really crowded. I was standing there holding an almost full beer in a plastic cup and my purse and my camera and, in my fourth hand, something else and yet I wanted to put my hair up because I was, yes, so hot. Therefore I held the beer in my teeth. Picture me now, if you will, with the plastic cup full of beer dangling from my mouth as I was pulling my hair out from under the camera strap and the purse strap. The whole thing wasn't working very well which is probably why I snapped and threw my head back to better free up my hair.


Threw my head back while holding a full cup of beer in my teeth.

Do you know what a full cup of beer does when it's suddenly and with force turned upside down over your face? It goes up your nose, among other things. I had beer everywhere and dabbing at the beer streaming from my nose with elderly kleenex shreds from my purse just wasn't effective - or attractive. And it could have been fatal: I am surprised nobody fell down and died laughing. In a lifetime of uncoordinated actions, I think this wins. On the bright side, it did cool me off. And make me sticky. You know, I probably wasn't sticky enough before that.


Kathryn said...

It's also a good idea to call the Humane society, since many non-wired owners would call there to see if their dog had been picked up.

mygothlaundry said...

Yeah, we did that and filled out a found dog report. It turns out that they check Craigslist every day as well. I just took her to the vet and found out, surprise surprise, that she's not microchipped. So now we'll just wait a bit and see.

Edgy Mama said...

Thanks for my morning laugh.

Throwing a full beer in your own face is one for the record books.

Did I ever tell you about the time I and slipped fell backwards over a waterfall while lecturing a group of teenagers about how dangerous it was and how they should'n t come any closer to the edge?