Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ah Spring

we came up thataway
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It was a lovely amazing spring Saturday here with the temperature in the 80s, making last Monday - when, as you will recall, there was snow and ice and winds and frozen things - seem like some kind of crazy impossible dream even more than Mondays usually do. I love weeks like this, when the weather makes absolutely no sense. Because it was so beautiful I took the dogs hiking up at Bent Creek this morning. We got in early enough to avoid most of the crowds and the dogs were good; they didn't jump on a single jogger even though looking at their furry doggy faces you just know they're thinking, "Why would they run if they don't want to be jumped on? Huh?" and, frankly, who can argue with dog logic? We had a nice hike wherein I even cut cross country instead of staying right on the trails, which surprised the dogs and made me feel macho and orienteering oriented.

Then I got my hair cut, which was lovely and then I went to the Patton Avenue Tire Barn and got them to fix my tire. I discovered my flat tire yesterday when I drove around the block to pick up my favorite homeless guy, Earl. I had agreed to drive Earl and Pretty, his wife, out to the motel where they are currently living (and I think somehow, something should be done about this, some housing for Earl & Pretty must be possible) and when I pulled up Earl said, "Red, baby, you know you got a flat tire?"
"Oh," I said cluelessly, "I noticed it was driving a little funny."
So I drove my flat tire over to the gas station on Merrimon & filled the tire and then drove Earl and Pretty way out Patton Avenue, during which drive I learned how Earl has 12 kids and he himself was one of 24 and how he went to Vietnam and how once, he drove a tractor trailer over the old Cooper River Bridge when there was ice on it and at the bottom he just pulled over and got out and walked away. I like Earl, who calls me Red and shouts out to me twice a day, on my way to work in the mornings and on my way back. I stop and talk to him almost every day and although Earl has become a line item in my budget which I can't really afford, I try to help him out as best I can. Dude has one leg. I think that if I had one leg and spent my days sitting by Doc Cheys asking for money I would be one whole hell of a lot less pleasant and cheerful than he is.

Anyway, my tire was fixed and then there was a DITLOA meetup which was also very fun and then Z & H invited me over for a most delicious dinner and now I am home with all the windows open and the lovely spring warm air coming in, right along with a surprising amount of street noises - remember, I moved here in late October. I don't know what this neighborhood is like with the windows open but man, I am so ready to find out.

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