Sunday, March 01, 2009

Snow Again

snow in the back
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I wasn't expecting the blizzard of the century; good god, I thought it was just going to be another rainy lonely weekend wherein I didn't feel very well and kind of aimlessly puttered around twittering, reading bad novels and trying futilely to vacuum pet hair out of small Oriental rugs. It's a good thing that I actually got my ass out of the house this morning and took a muffin and a cinnamon roll and the NY Times (picking up the Sunday paper is so poignant these days, you know, I mean it's like what's black and white and red all over and DYING) over to the QOB in the rain. We didn't know it was going to snow; in fact, I was pointing out the tulips in her front yard and telling her about surprising daffodils on the corner. Yes, that was March 1 but apparently somebody's been fucking around with the space time continuum again and we're back in January. Argh.

The snow is beautiful but somehow I am less enthusiastic about this snow day than I have been about all the others. The novelty has worn off and besides, given all the flus I've had lately, I can't really have any fun. Drinking makes me throw up - so does eating, for that matter, so I have high hopes for the diet - and cigarettes make me cough AND throw up which is too much even for a dedicated addict like me. This is horribly like pregnancy: if it was even vaguely possible I'd be peeing on a plastic stick right around now, I must say. Meanwhile, the dogs, for some reason possibly related to the fact that I cleaned the house up (it is fairly embarrassing, yes, to have your dogs think that you only clean up when company is coming) keep assuming that there's a party about to happen. They keep dashing to the door with their tails wagging, barking expectantly but there is nobody there. How metaphoric of them.

Yesterday I finished the first Haruki Murakami book I've ever read: Kafka on the Shore. It was excellent. I want to talk to somebody about it. I have questions. I have comments. I am all excited. It made my brain spin around in circles and I'm almost - not quite, but almost - driven to either google Hegel or ask my philosopher brother to give me the Cliffs Notes version. I'm not used to books doing that. I'm used to books that I can sink into, watch a lot of muscly, very good looking people trade sword blows and quips and save some world vaguely based on middle earth while they're at it and then I can emerge, notice that a week in the real world has gone by and then forget the book entirely. And I like those books a lot, but you know, there are some books - not, alas, all that many - where you can do both: disappear and think. Or, as Kafka on the Shore would have it, lose and find yourself, simultaneously.

In other news, it's been just a little over six months since my mother died. I miss her every day and part of me is still floating a little over my head, looking down, looking for her, looking for me, trying to figure out what there is, now, you know, when my anchor is gone. I hope I'll find my way before I hit the rocks.


eemilla said...

I enjoy your blog so much, and I was looking forward to leaving a smartass comment about how all of WNC major snow events for the past twenty plus years have occurred between March and April; however, I was rather touched by your ending. I wish you well in your recovery from the loss of your mother and the never ending flu/cold you have contracted.

occhiblu said...

My unasked-for advice: Be willing to hit the rocks and correct your course without assuming you're shipwrecked.

The four-year anniversary of my mother's death is in two weeks. This is the first year I haven't felt totally out of control at this point in the year, but I still woke up crying yesterday.

It's hard, and it's ok that it's hard. It being hard doesn't mean you're sailing off the edge of the map. (Did I belabor that metaphor enough?)

occhiblu said...

Also! I had the same reaction to The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I haven't read any of Murakami's other stuff, but it's high on my list.

Сбетлана said...

Over the snow, eh? Here, we are annoyed because we have only had about 3 feet of snow this winter - and only a tad few inches this last week.