Monday, March 16, 2009


perdita 1
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This is a picture of the puppy my neighbor found. I'd been resisting putting any pictures of her up on the web because my brain occasionally gives in to freaky 11 o'clock news style paranoia: someone will see her and claim her and then sell her for evil science research! Or to torture! Or something else really bad will happen! Given that it would take somebody with evil intentions and any minimal amount of Google-fu approximately 3 minutes to track down where I live, work, play, my habits and also a rough idea of my daily schedule, I don't know why I got so much more paranoid about one stray puppy than about myself but there you have it.

However, Perdita has now been living at my house since last Wednesday and I think we need to either find her real owners or a new home ASAP. Therefore, look! Is she not adorable? She's adorable. She's sweet as all get out. She's housetrained. She's good. I love her. And I cannot have three dogs - not now, not ever. Three dogs is one dog too many. Three dogs is one leash more than I have hands for. I'm giving her real owners another couple days to show up and then my neighbor and I are finding her a nice new home.

In other news, I'm cranky. Three straight days of rain exceeds my personal rain management ability by at least one day, sort of like the dogs. The backyard is a sea of mud and so is the kitchen floor. I went to the gym this morning and it was insanely crowded and that's already getting really, really old. I also forgot my towel. I had to work; my lunch was ick; I'm worrying about money; and boo, hiss, whine, complain, bitch and moan. Also, I'm smoking again, goddamnit. That didn't last long. I tried the "only smoking when I drink" thing but that backfired badly: it turns out that if I only smoke when I drink then I go lunging out the door at work at 5 every day with only beer in mind and that's just not going to end well. It's going to end, in fact, with me deciding that I absolutely have to have a slug of whiskey at 11 am or something just so I can have a cigarette: this isn't pretty. So I'm just smoking. Maybe next time, soon, hopefully, the quit will stick. Maybe.


haskell said...

Now I feel guilty for smoking around you. We both need to stop. I will if you will. Actually, I better quit even if you don't.

mygothlaundry said...

It's not your fault, hon, don't fret. It's my own fault - this is one of those terrible individual things that everybody has to overcome all by their ownselves. Gah.