Thursday, November 01, 2007

old asheville mica factory window and comb thing

I got to go clamber around the old Asheville mica factory today, get mica dust all over me, see nifty old bits of abandoned machinery in suitably cavernous empty dark warehouse spaces, collect a bunch of chunks of mica and take a ton of photos. I love my job - it occasionally gives me opportunities like this one.

Meanwhile, in other, quick, news since I'm going out the door in a minute, the party at the Wedge last night was super cool with many amazing, amazing costumes. C & S & J & D and I went there and to C's warehouse and finally to the Westville, where there were also some great costumes. Big fun Halloween, yay!

And, this morning there was a cryptic note on my front door courtesy of the city of Asheville, who, in their infinite wisdom, has begun resurfacing my street by excavating all the manholes and raising them about 6" above the roadbed, just exactly at the height where they can cause maximum damage to any car. They then put cones over them and left and according to this note, we can't use the street on November 5 or 6 and I'm wondering exactly what the hell they expect me to do instead - park in another neighborhood and walk (not on the street, of course, and there are no sidewalks) back and forth? It's annoying and I wish they'd been a little more specific on the note.

Must run. This whole entry may be severely edited later since it's scary dull.


zen said...

Oh gawd, Fliss! I saw the photos of the Mica factory and loved 'em. Even talked to S. about how the sparklies must've been impossible to get. Where on earth is this place, or is it a professional secret? :)

mygothlaundry said...

It's on Thompson Street in Biltmore Village, but it's rapidly being converted into lofts. We had a guided tour with one of the women working for the loft people - she was very nice - you could try calling them, it's Mica Village lofts.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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