Friday, November 23, 2007

thanksgiving 07 b

thanksgiving 07 b
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Best Thanksgiving ever. Everything turned out great - even though the gravy was salty - and everybody had fun. And I'm not even all that hungover, which is a small miracle and a testament to the quality of the wine that A picked out.

So, I made turkey and stuffing and creamed onions, about which we said, as every year, "these are so good! We should make them more than once a year." and carrots with ginger/soy/lime/honey and broccoli with a lemon/mustard/tarragon butter and cranberry sauce and, the night before, a giant weighty loaf of potato bread and two really good pumpkin pies. M made mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and cream cheese which were amazing and eventually, as noted above and despite my older brother's cracks "Are you going to cry about the gravy again this year? That's the best part of Thanksgiving." I even made the gravy. My mother brought a wild rice casserole and a rutabaga souffle and a key lime pie that was a bit liquidy but nonetheless delicious; A brought green bean casserole and a chocolate bourbon pecan pie that is basically candy and she says nearly set her house on fire and K & J brought a winter squash chowder and a bunch of bowls to serve it in. Now the house is full of leftovers, yum, and I've been steadily munching all day.

Earlier in the day my neighbor J had come by with a desperate look on her face to borrow plates - this worked out well, since I also needed plates later, I gave her mine and then she came back over with extras for my dinner. Turned out I could have done without them, one would think, since A & D & N didn't post and they are idiots, but then it's a long drive from Bat Cave, so they're forgiven. More or less. Yet somehow, every dish in the house got dirty anyway, but M and I have been slowly working our way through it, or we were until we discovered the James Bond marathon on channel 65, a Thanksgiving tradition of which I am very, very fond.

Yes. It was awesome. Long live Thanksgiving!

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zen said...

Our part C thanksgiving with you was wonderful. Thanks for coming over and kickin back!